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Who are we

An online marketplace and platform dedicated to the community of the differently abled, persons with chronic illnesses and their caregivers. We consolidate hard-to-reach unique products for them and make the search and shopping experience easier and more enjoyable.

How are we different?

We are more focused than your everyday marketplace that do not have the correct filters and website features to make searching for special need products easy. We design our categories and features to enable an intuitive search experience for you. We also curate relevant content to support you and your loved ones in managing the day-to-day challenges.

How can we help you?

Give us your feedback so we can design the website to better suit your needs.

If there are any products that you cannot find, simply write to us and we will help you source for them.

We do our best to quality check all listings to ensure products are of reasonably good quality and pricing. However, your reviews and feedbacks will help the community the most.

If there are existing products on our platform that you feel require improvements, simply indicate your suggestion on the ‘I Wish’ tab on the product page or write to us and tell us about it and we will feedback to the vendor.

What about shipping?

Different products and vendors have different shipping options and costs. If you need more information, kindly refer to the vendor. We organise group buys via our Facebook page to help buyers reduce costs. Write to us if you need any other help and we will see what we can do.

Why buy from us ?

  1. We have a wide range of products and are increasing our range everyday. Our products are recommended by experts and some of them are not just useful for people with special needs, sometimes typical people/ parents find them useful too!
  2. We also try to bring in vendors that are near to you so that you can get reasonable prices. Simply choose the relevant ‘ship from’ filter. We are still in process of sourcing for more vendors per region but we are working hard at it to bring value to you.
  3. We support moms who are caring for special needs kids and you can identify them via the badge ‘Proudly Made by Moms’.
  4. By buying from us, you are supporting a social enterprise and a cause. We channel 10% of the profits back to the community via cash back and sponsor therapy products, daily living tools and assistive devices to organisations and needy families.
  5. We are also in progress of setting up our rewards programme, therefore you will be rewarded for your purchases and can use the points to offset future purchases.

If these reasons are still not good enough, write to us and tell us how can we be better!

What else?

If you have an interesting solution and would like to share it, write to us! If you have an interesting story about dealing with disability, write to us!