Book Review – Elmer by David McKee


Author: David McKee

Illustrator: David McKee


Publisher: Andersen Press

Age Recommendation: 0 – 5

 236 x 270 x 4mm | 140g

 Paperback | 32 pages

Picture of children book Elmer

Soft cover children’s book with a colourful patchwork background and a patchwork elephant. Title Emler author David McKee.

Elmer is not your regular elephant. He is patchwork and he is funny. But sometimes being different can be tiring but that’s what his friends love him for.

Picture of a page from Elmer children's book

Three elephants in the rain, the middle one is half patchwork as the rain is washing off the grey colour to show it’s real colours. Text says,”As they laughed, the rain cloud burst and when the rain fell on Elmer, his patchwork started to show again. The elephants still laughed as Elmer was washed back to normal. “Oh Elmer,” gasped an old elephant. “You’ve played some good jokes, but this has been the…”

Elmer disguises as himself in elephant colour and made all the elephants laughed when they found out it was him. From that day on, they celebrated Elmer Day every year where all the other elephants dressed up and Elmer dressed up in elephant colour.

A book that celebrates diversity in a fun way. And somehow, the seriousness of elephants are ironically funny. And kids love them.

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