About Irisada

The diagnosis of having a special condition of yourself or a loved one can be unnerving and confusing. Our vision is to create a place where concerns are replaced with solutions sourced from around the world.
Our founder faced similar challenges when her child was first diagnosed. She was uncertain how to care for her child or help her deal with the day-to-day tasks of her child’s life. She undergone a period of anxiety and frustration and figured many parents / caregivers might feel the same.

And so, Irisada was born. Irisada means iridescent and that is what we feel the process of bringing up a child or taking care of a person with added needs is like. Somewhat like a rainbow, every different angle shows a different colour. And very often, the rainbow appears after a downpour. Taking care of a person with a whole set of different needs from what we are used to can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be grey.

Irisada hopes to bring together the entire community of people who need and provide specialised products or solutions. We hope to make the search for products and solutions easier, improve the access to a variety of products and solutions and improve the overall quality of life for people with these unique needs.


Other services we provide:

Sourcing of products for both individuals and organisations. If you have a challenge related to your condition, no matter big or small, write to us and we will try our utmost to connect you to solutions.

Finding distributors. If you have an awesome product and want to distribute to any regions, write to us too.

Organising group buys. If you want a product and find shipping too expensive, write to us.

Setting up a home business. If you are a care-giver and want to earn some side income, write to us too.

Accessibility consultation. You are looking to make your office, home, school or facilities more accessible? Write to us.


Thank you for supporting the cause of enabling lives. Write to us to let us know how we can help you or how we can better!

Warmest Regards,

Team Irisada