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Hello and Welcome to our blog! Here we will keep you updated on everything Irisada. Like the products we find exciting, stories we find interesting and the trials and tribulations of our journey from an idea, to a global marketplace connecting thousands of people and sellers.

So…. Who and what is Irisada?

Tara first came up with the idea after the birth of her daughter Heidi, who was born with hearing problems. In her own words:

The first diagnosis brought a lot of anxiety and confusion. I thought life would never be the same again.

That was true but not necessarily in a bad way. We were lucky in many ways and mostly because we live in this decade. There are many solutions and smart ideas except they are not always easily accessible. But they are out there. I found many different ideas and products to help in managing my child’s condition to meet the demands of our day-to-day activities. The search was not always easy, and I felt this had to be a problem for all parents and care-givers of people with special needs. Which is why I decided to create Irisada.”

Our vision is to create a place where worries are replaced with solutions from around the world. Life dealing with Special Needs is a somewhat different journey. Irisada means ‘iridescent’ which means luminous colours that change, depending on which angle you look. That is how we view the challenging but meaningful journey people dealing with disabilities face.

Irisada is a marketplace selling specialised products as well as a community of people sharing their stories and advice. There are a lot of unique solutions to daily living problems which are hard to find, and we hope to make it much simpler for you to be fully informed of your options. Through merging the global market into one place we also hope to improve the quality of the products via promotion of innovation through showing manufacturers not just the size of the market out there, but also the needs and opinions of the market.

Smaller businesses and sole traders are also important to us. We know how difficult it is to sell through general online marketplaces, which can be confusing and overcrowded. As a small seller, you can try your hardest and still only make it to page 10 on the mainstream marketplaces. One of our first initiatives is called “made by mums”, a special label dedicated to supporting mothers and their creations.

People’s experiences and stories of their life with disabilities are incredibly important. The scariest thing can be what you don’t know, like how your life will be affected in the future. The experiences of others give us information on how to deal with situations, comfort us when we are scared and show us how other people don’t just keep going but really live. Irisada has a space for everyone to share their stories and share in the lives of other people, which we hope you (whoever you are) will contribute to!

So there it is. Irisada. We hope this site helps you!

If you’d like to help us improve Irisada we really want to hear from you! Use the link below to fill in our survey and suggest ideas you’d like to see happen.


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